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Big Foot Adventures Down Under

When a surfer teen takes up his father’s search for the legendary Yowie, the orange-haired bigfoot of Australia, he initially just wants to go back to the beach, before he gets an up close and personal encounter with one of the creatures. The run-in changes everything, and young Kyle and his family end up embarking on incredible Big Foot Adventures Down Under.
To prove himself to his father, Kyle sets out to find the hominids himself, and recruits the aid of his sibling Jodie, and his friends Dean and Phoebe. In a museum, they also meet a bone-sorting hag, and shapeshifter, named Miss Splendor, and procure from the curator, Roy McGilvary, a map for the cave system under the mountain where magic and mystery abound.
Unbeknownst to Kyle, his little sister Zoe is following them as they go into the cave. This greatly complicates matters, but a series of life-threatening ordeals forces them to press on with their newest and youngest team member. As they go deeper into the primordial catacombs, it seems as though they are also going further back into time, until they emerge in the ancient Wollemi Pine Forest, and find not just Yowies, but dinosaurs as well. Any elation at their incredible discovery is forestalled, however, when an accident scatters the teens, trapping them in the strange environment where they have to struggle to survive amidst the prehistoric beasts and find a way to return to the outside world.