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Big Foot Adventures Down Under

Book One in the Series ‘Spirits Alive’

Maggie Meyer

Immerse yourself in an incredible tale of exploration and discovery depicting the exploits of hardy excitement-seeking teens as they search for cryptids in the Outback. Shades of Arthur Conan Doyle’s “The Lost World,” but with a uniquely Australian twist in…

Big Foot Adventures Down Under

Big Foot Adventures Down Under made it to the list of books that BlueInk Review feels “merit your attention,” and “are of exceptional quality and particularly worthy of representation.”

Fiction – Fantasy
Big Foot Adventures Down Under, by Maggie Meyer: This all-ages, action-packed fantasy adventure focuses on a group of kids who set out to search for Yowies (Australia’s version of Bigfoot) in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales. A nine-day adventure transpires, filled with mythical creatures, prehistoric dinosaurs and the wonder that results. While tonally reminiscent of Jules Verne’s classic Journey to the Center of the Earth, this novel has a contemporary feel, with authentic teenage protagonists and a commanding message about the revitalizing strength that comes from family and friends. Highly recommended for adventurers of all ages. Author’s current residence:Queensland, Australia. Read review.

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